Babolat Pure Strike 100 3rd Gen


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Introducing the 3rd generation of the Pure Strike 100, a light player’s racquet that combines moderate power and spin-friendly precision with good feel.

At approximately 11.1 ounces strung and boasting a 319-RDC swing weight, the Pure Strike 100 strikes the right balance between speed and stability. Like the previous generation, it has a hybrid frame construction (called Control Frame Technology), which blends the control and feel of a square beam with the speed and dynamism of a modern elliptical beam. This racquet also has FSI Power technology which features wider spacing between the upper cross strings for easier access to spin and pace. New to this frame is C2 Pure Feel, a material technology that combines cortex with a uniquely flexible viscoelastic rubber at 3/9 o’clock for added comfort and dwell time.

On groundstrokes, this stick feels fast, crisp and accurate. Although not as powerful as the Pure Drive or Pure Aero, the Pure Strike 100 packs enough pop to penetrate the backcourt along with the needed pocketing and touch for crafting droppers and sharp angles. Boasting a higher swing weight than the previous generation, this update does a slightly better job absorbing and redirecting pace, but it’s still speedy enough for whipping up effective spin. At the net, the Pure Strike 100 comes around fast to deliver good touch, above-average stability for its weight class and decent pop on punch volleys. Aggressive servers will find enough spin, precision, and power to force weak replies. This racquet also shines on service returns where it is versatile enough to block first serves deep or punish second serves. Ultimately, with some impressive tweaks to the feel, the Pure Strike 100 remains a great option for the player who wants a light player’s racquet with easy targeting on full swings.